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Bongo Drums HD


Have fun and enjoy the amazing experience of playing this bongos simulator with your fingers in your mobile phone or tablet. BONGO DRUMS HD has fast response, and includes realistic sounds recorded with studio quality.Record your songs and show them to your friends later. Play it with headset for a superior experience. Bongos are a musical instrument similar to congas o djembe.
The main features are:- Multi-touch drums. You can play the bongos with a friend at the same time on the same device- Very realistic! Tapping on the center of a bongo drum will not sound the same than on the edge. Up to 6 zones for bongo.- Record your own session and later, you can play on it. Double your experience!. You can record, play and repeat your compositions.- Save an unlimited number of notes.- Realistic HQ sampled stereo sounds- HD bongos images.- Fantastic Animations.- Low latency- 12 touch sensitive pads and 24 exclusive sounds, including muted ones.
Join us on Facebook:有乐趣和享受惊人的经验,用你的手指在您的手机或平板电脑玩这个手鼓模拟器。邦戈鼓HD具有响应速度快,包括逼真的声音工作室质量记录。
其主要特点是:- 多点触摸鼓。你可以玩手鼓的朋友在同一时间在同一台设备上- 非常逼真!攻牙中心邦戈鼓听起来不会相同,比上的优势。截至6区邦戈。- 记录自己的会话,以后,你可以玩就可以了。双击你的经验!你可以录制,播放和重复你的作品。- 保存无限数量的注释。- 现实HQ立体声声音采样- 高清的手鼓图像。- 奇妙的动画。- 低延迟时间- 12个触摸垫和24个独特的声音,包括静音。